IZ*ONE 에너지 캠(ENOZI Cam) EP.100

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    IZ*ONE 에너지 캠(ENOZI Cam) EP.100
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    1. Kaushal kishore giri

      Thank you IZ*ONE for everything. You all will stay in our hearts forever. Love you!!❤️

    2. テテのお手手


    3. m f

      Can you guys stop say "IZONE PERMANENT " and "IZONE REDEBUT" ? even they are'nt together anymore we can still support them , do you all want they will be like pristin or gugudan because you ignore they future?

    4. 호재

      IZONE Just One♡⚘

    5. Nicole Christian Ferrer

      i miss the sm!♡

    6. Nicole Christian Ferrer

      it's been 2weeks ago💔

    7. Shan Luhan

      i miss you 😭

    8. 김두

      이거 채널이랑 영상 안지우겠죠? ㅜㅜ

    9. 수뚜비09

      이제 더 이상 아이즈원의 영상이 안 올라오나....?제발...이 영상이 마지막이 아니길...

    10. Kenny Ackerman

      last enozi cam :((((((

    11. 무야호2

      라비앙때부터 좋아했었는데 진짜 오는구나 이런날이 최대한 마지막 영상 안보고싶었지만 끝내 새벽감성으로 보고말았지

    12. 謝鈞惟

      모두 멤버가 보고 싶네요 ㅠㅠ 원 스토리 콘서트 dvd 팔매 주세요

    13. ENOZI CAM

      ENOZI Cam EP.2 made by WIZ*ONE is uploaded! koround.info/total/fY-vsWWce9GJhIg/bidio

    14. Hnin Yu Zaw

      I miss you my girls💖

    15. 효리효리씌.

      언니들 좋아한지 722일.. 언니들이 각자 갈길가더라도... 우린 잊지 않을거야.... 행복하고 건강해야해!! 아이즈원 포에버!!🥰🥰

    16. lv99댕댕이

      잘가 아이즈원ㅠ 사랑했어. 정말루..!

    17. Izzah Azhar

      Please comeback. I miss you

      1. m f

        You can still support them in future, but not in izone. Just stop it

    18. jill risonha

      IZ*ONE REDEBUT!!!!!

      1. m f

        Stop iy

    19. Izonechu 2

      May17 2021 3rd Monday without ENOZICAM💔

    20. Bruce Walker

      I am very grateful to have met these 12 girls, I needed a group like IZ*ONE in my life, I will always love them for making me so happy. His songs, mv's and performances are pure art 👏💕

    21. 호재

      IZONE Just One♡⚘

    22. The Muffin

      ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ영원히 응원할게............

    23. 평생 위즈원

      !!!아이즈원 리런칭을 위한 펀딩 프로젝트 진행 중!!! 12명의 아이들을 계속 보기 위해 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다 (수요조사는 24일 23시 59분을 기점으로 종료되었습니다.) 수요조사는 단순히 팬덤의 규모를 파악하기 위함 말 그대로 시전 수요조사의 개념이지, 수요조사를 참여하지 못하면 이후 진행될 펀딩에도 참여하지 못하는 사전예약의 개념이 아닙니다. (수요조사에 참여하지 못하셨더라도 이후 진행될 펀딩은 참여 가능 합니다.) 펀딩의 목적,진행 상황 등의 자세한 정보는 아이즈원 츄 갤러리나 DC 아이즈원 츄 갤러리 트위터를 확인해주세요

    24. Jade Kyl Ocampo

      I need iz*one to re debut even tho im not a Wiz*one they deserve more years!!

    25. orangeify


    26. Tiny YuYe - Yuri X Yeji

      I love you, always and forever ♥

    27. Annie y ice

      We miss you iz*one😢🙁💔


      😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

    29. Alissa Espinoza López


    30. W B B92

      😔😔😔😔 miss izone

    31. 조규진


    32. •ana veliz madrid•


    33. Nishi Tripathi

      Wonderful clips ❤️. ❤️ Gorgeous 💘 Amezing beauty of you Minju. You are my heart 💓 breathing 💘. I love you ❤️.

    34. Yeoja Midzy


    35. Yeoja Midzy


    36. Yeoja Midzy

      IZONE FOREVERR!!!❤️❤️

    37. 이찬민

      일부로 아껴두고 나중에 보려한 영상

    38. Jazmin Juárez

      Thank you, I love IZ*ONE 😭😭💔💔

    39. 최병훈

      벌써 그립다고 전해주세요ㅠ

    40. 아이즈원화이팅

      아이즈원 화이팅!!

    41. sanapie

      Dziękujemy Eunbi 💜 Dziękujemy Sakura 💗 Dziękujemy Hyewon ❤️ Dziękujemy Yena 💛 Dziękujemy Chaeyeon 💝 Dziękujemy Cheawon💚 Dziękujemy Minju 🤍 Dziękujemy Nako 💞 Dziękujemy Hitomi 💕 Dziękujemy Yuri 🧡 Dziękujemy Yujin 💙 Dziękujemy Wonyoung 💓 Dziękujemy Izone za te wszystkie Chwilę jako Polscy Wiz*One~ ❤️

    42. Skieslight

      슬퍼요 지금, 난 괜찮아 정말, 걱정하지말고 🙂🙃

    43. Heart shakers chorus

      Thank you Izone

    44. 호재

      IZONE Just One♡⚘

    45. Juan Masman

      permanet plisssssssss

    46. Imlavanya

      Goodbye iz*one not a fan but miss you mostly chaeyoung Goodbye....thank you....💔

    47. Elsa Sihotang

      I can't let you go yet

    48. Elsa Sihotang

      Miss you

    49. christina tri mawarti

      IZ* 하나가 2021 년 4 월 29 일에 분산 될 때 사실입니까?불쾌감을 주면 죄송합니다.

    50. ano Dami

      정말로 더이상 안올라오는거임?;; 진짜 활동 끝난거임??;;....

    51. 즐겁게야구보자

      miss you ..

    52. Tshiolo Li Ai

      MERCI IZONE ❤️

    53. •Jisoo K-pop•

      Lo puedo creer que se separaron💔 El K-pop está perdiendo un gran grupo 😭

    54. Munan Kong

      I miss you

    55. JosueFx

      whos here on 2026

    56. hynscyberry

      it’s only been two weeks why does it feel like months.

    57. Chae

      Goodbye Izone 😭

    58. Ytxml


    59. 12명이하나가 되는 순간

      항상 응원해

    60. Jessica Assis



      Thank you IZ*ONE for giving ask this all


      I miss you IZ*ONE please give a new video

    63. Epicly Ünicøre

      iz*one we miss you, pls come back

    64. Shiara Riley

      i miss you guys so much.

    65. Roselle Galvez

      I can't believe that it's all over now and I'm watching over and over again all their videos

      1. Leovina D.

        me too

    66. dhyanaprw 31

      We love you🥰✨

    67. 호재

      IZONE Just One♡⚘

    68. Fernanda P.M

      Thanks for everything Iz * One💜😭

    69. Fernanda P.M


    70. paancakes 2

      You guys remind me of snsd, because you are so cheerful, friendly, kind, lovely, funny, smart, and pretty. But there's always one of all member that have really pure heart, she shy and didn't know that her words may be cause pain for others, but I'm sure she not meant it, like sakura chan. Please protect her or else she would disappeared without anyone notice, like jessica in snsd. Please be solid and support to each member, because you are a group. And don't compete who is in the middle, who the most beautiful, the most this.. and the most that.. because you all have different characters that made you stand out and unique, and that's why we love you❤️

    71. Karen Fae

      I miss youuu

    72. ㅊ무

      매주 월요일마다 올라왔던 에너지캠.. 보고싶어ㅜㅜ

    73. Our time together is like a dream

      Last enozi...... 😭😭😭

    74. 김용훈

      활동비 32.4억이 모였는데도 왜 못한다는거야 ㅠㅠ 직원, 댄서들 월급 곡 안무 전부다 할 수 있는 금액인데

    75. sara sara

      iz*one forevere i love you 💔💔

    76. Kwon Eunbi

      Мне так плохо без вас.. Я вас очень люблю

    77. 멋쟁이

      은비와 민주의 외모는 묻히기엔 너무 아깝고 예능에라도 보내야되고 조유리는 너무 귀여운데 각설하고 발라드나 솔로로 해도 될법한데

    78. *아야미

      ずっとずぅぅぅっっっっとこれからも私はwizoneです!!! IZ*ONEに出会えた2年半はとても幸せでした。またいつか、早く12人で並ぶ姿が見れますように……😭😭❤️❤️‼︎‼︎

    79. Zahwa Andi

      is this the end? jinja? comeback, just gives us some old video that didnt pass the editing, please

    80. Becky Agnew

      It's been 2 weeks already

    81. •Swith• #thankyou_iz*one

      Thank you iz*one💚

    82. Vleadyzha


    83. Typical Random Ordinary Stranger

      any update on the girls? like what are they going to do now

    84. Mesut Khozirul

      Woyy. Uodate woyyy...

    85. KÍM HÕĐÜ

      모야 이게 마지막 영상이야..?

    86. 호재

      IZONE Just One♡⚘

    87. 박규민

      벌써 2주네 고마웠고 각자라도 좋아할게

    88. JIn W


    89. Mendy Swari devi

      Thank you for all the things you give us your fans, we will definitely miss you all we love you izone ❤❤

    90. Einstein Ray

      Pls comeback 😭😭 As wizone, i will wait our lovely 12 members reunite again, a brand new of izone a.k.a redebut by wizone's parallel universe project... hope the members still wanna stay with us

    91. Jasse AT


    92. Himanshu Bharti

      Thank you Iz*one❤️

    93. ArmyQu

      Will this be their last video on this channel? 💔🥺

    94. riela aaa

      I really miss you guys

      1. Interlude

        @riela aaa So sad :( Thanks for replying.

      2. riela aaa

        @Interlude no☹️

      3. Interlude

        I wanna ask something. Will they debut again?

    95. yuriicore

      Thank you so much. Bye.

    96. MCDB


    97. MCDB


    98. MCDB


    99. sweetiemultifandom _29

      This video is just kindda the reason why I am depressed :( love you my queens with all my heart and I hope one day you can see each other again love you